Games that challenge mind and emotions.

About Us

We are a young game developer studio from Munich, Germany, founded in October 2018, but we have been together as a team since our game design studies at Mediadesign University Munich.

Afterwards, we gathered professional experience at an innovation hub. During this time span, we worked on several game projects and game-driven commissions.

We develop immersive puzzle games, embedded into interactive stories – Games that challenge mind and emotions.

Our games don‘t have to be that long concerning playtime. We value a high degree of polish instead of a vast load of content.

2014 - 2018
Mediadesign University
Release 'Mother Earth'
German Developer Award
Newcomer Award Students 1. Place 'Realm of the Machines'
German Computer Game Award
Newcomer Award Prototype 2. Place 'Realm of the Machines'
2018 - 2019
MD.I Hub
Release 'Space Shop VR'
Nementic Games GmbH

The Omini Tales

In development. 2D puzzle adventure for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Dive into the fantastical universe of the curious Omini people – mechanical figurines, created by an old Italian tinkerer. Follow the adventures of the Omini explorer Puk, through diverse theme worlds like Tuscan-style mountain villages, flooded jungles and dark crystal mines.

The goal in every level is to solve a puzzle in order to bring Puk to the next screen. This is done by connecting wooden wheels with a string and therefore run mechanisms like elevators, floodgates or mine carts.

For this project, we are collaborating with the DU&I UG.

The prototype is financially supported by the FFF Bayern.

Team & Jobs


Managing Director, Game Design & Art

Favorite Quote

"Greatness, from small beginnings."


Managing Director, Animation & VFX

Favorite Quote

"We do what we must, because we can."


Programming, Gameplay Simulation

Favorite Quote

"A farmer has no grain field!"


Programming, Editor Tool Development

Favorite Quote

"What in the name of Hylia?!"

If you are interested in joining the team, please send us your application. We are currently looking for…

2D Animation Intern

As an intern you will be helping to animate characters and environments for our current project The Omini Tales. You will be working in Unity using the 2D Animation package, built-in animation tools and custom inhouse-tools crafted for our project. The internship is intended for a period of approximately six months.

Speculative Application

If you share our passion for developing puzzle games with a distinct visual appearance and intriguing narratives, you’re the one for Nementic!

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