'A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving' is a narrative first-person puzzle adventure inspired by titles such as 'Portal' and 'The Talos Principle'. Players take on the role of a mortal who has been kidnapped by the puzzle deity Tobla. Their task: To test the latest collection of divine puzzle trials. The game’s core mechanic is easy to understand, yet provides the depth for intriguing puzzle gameplay: select two objects in the game world and they swap positions. To keep the puzzles engaging throughout the game, several side mechanics are introduced, such as bombs with counters that decrease with each swap, or rolling objects that maintain their movement when swapped. The prototype of the game was financially supported by the FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.


The initial idea for the game's swapping mechanic came during a game jam with the team in 2021. We then elaborated on the concept by adding a backstory and creating several side mechanics that synergize with the swap. After developing a prototype with game funding from the state of Bavaria, we pitched to publishers at Gamescom 2022. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing crisis in the games industry, many publishers were reluctant to spend their budgets, so we ended up with no additional funding and the solution was to finish the game ourselves and pay our bills with commission work on the side. This plan also fell through, as a drought of commissions forced us to drastically cut the game and lay off our team in order to finish it. You could call 'A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving' our swan song - it was the last game we made together as a team, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts.


  • Captivating physics-based puzzles: Test your puzzle-solving skills in Tobla's divine trials and prove your worth to the puzzle deity.
  • Engaging storyline with comedic elements: Unravel more of Tobla's layered personality and the deity's motives after each level.
  • Picturesque 3D visuals: Floating sky islands and fiery, hellish underworld pits await you in the realm of the gods.


A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving - Announcement TrailerYouTube

A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving - Release TrailerYouTube



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