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Games that challenge mind and emotions.

About Us

We are an experienced (and cozy) game developer studio from Munich, Germany. Although our studio was founded in October 2018, we have already been together as a team since our game design studies at Mediadesign University Munich.

After our studies, we gathered professional experience at the Mediadesign Innovation Hub, before turning our dream into reality and founding Nementic Games. During this entire period, we worked on several award-winning game projects and game-driven commissions.

We have a passion for immersive puzzle games with interactive stories – games that challenge the mind and emotions of the players.

And there is also a special place for board games in our hearts, which you will likely notice when browsing through our portfolio.

2014 - 2018
Mediadesign University
Release 'Mother Earth'
German Developer Award
Newcomer Award Students 1. Place 'Realm of the Machines'
German Computer Game Award
Newcomer Award Prototype 2. Place 'Realm of the Machines'
2018 - 2019
MD.I Hub
Release 'Space Shop VR'
Nementic Games GmbH

Our Services

Full Development Cycle

We can take responsibility for the complete development cycle of your game idea:

Starting with the pre-production and conception, followed by prototyping, the production phase, right up until you hold the final product in your hands – we are there every step of the way to bring your vision to life.

Co-Development & Support

Do you need additional resources for your project? We can offer you support in:

Coding (Unity, C#): Gameplay, user interfaces, tools, artificial intelligence, procedural generation

Artwork: 2D/3D environments & characters, user interfaces, 2D animations, visual effects (VFX)

Game design: Design documents, puzzle design, level design, mechanics design, writing

PC, Mobile & Nintendo Switch

Our development expertise is focused on PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux), mobile devices (iOS, Android), and the Nintendo Switch.

For these platforms, we have successfully shipped seven projects over the last couple of years, including big German board game IPs like EXIT – The Game® or The aMAZEing Labyrinth.

Clients & Partners

Nementic Games has repeatedly proven that they excel at delivering specific brand requirements. The team has a fantastic feel for game design and graphics.

Thorsten SuckowHead of Games, USM

What makes Nementic stand out from the rest is the love, passion, and attention to detail with which they approach every project.

Peter WeissSenior Producer, Ravensburger

Swaperoo (Working Title)

‘How many mortals does it take to populate Mars? Trick question, they are all dead before it will happen.’ – The Mighty Tobla

Our current project. Swaperoo (working title) is a narrative first-person puzzle game inspired by titles like Portal and The Talos Principle. Players take on the role of a mortal abducted by the divine puzzle architect Tobla. Their mission? To act as a QA tester for the latest collection of Tobla’s puzzle trials.

The game’s core mechanic is easy to understand, yet provides the depth for intriguing puzzle gameplay: select two objects in the game world and they swap positions. To keep the puzzles engaging throughout the game, several side mechanics are introduced, such as bombs with counters that decrease with each swap, or objects that can be swapped directly with the player.

Swaperoo’s story is told through voice-overs of the deity Tobla. It is spiced with comedic elements and revolves around the balance of power between gods and mortals.
The prototype of the game is financially supported by the FFF Bayern.


EXIT – The Trial of the Griffin

A collaboration with publisher United Soft Media. Puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam, based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.

The second digital adaptation of the series invites players to the legendary Greifenstein castle, located deep in the German highlands known as the Harz. A mystery surrounding the countess, which had not been seen for years, awaits.

Various special items can be used to contact the ghosts that haunt the stone halls of Greifenstein. The countess’ secrets must be uncovered by solving logical puzzles with a supernatural touch. Each of the castle’s distinct rooms offers a unique and dense atmosphere for players to immerse themselves in. Keeping in tradition with the board games, everything in and around the game can be part of the puzzles.


EXIT – The Curse of Ophir

A collaboration with publisher United Soft Media. Puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.

The app was created as a fully new singleplayer experience. Players take on the role of a hobby detective, searching for the whereabouts of a famous writer. The trail leads into an old and mysterious gold rush hotel in the Wichita Mountains.

All items collected during the journey can be inspected and manipulated as 3D objects in an inventory. The hotel itself offers handcrafted 2D backgrounds for each room the players can explore. These rooms contain various puzzles, from solving classic number codes to more complex riddles that will have players traveling through time or thinking beyond the game world itself.



A commission work for United Soft Media in collaboration with the DU&I UG. Puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, based on the bestselling board game classic.

Ubongo! has a simple, yet gripping premise: The blank white space on the board must be completely filled with a given number of geometric tiles in various shapes and colors.

In the solo campaign, players can puzzle their way through over 300 levels, from sun-kissed savannas to dusty canyons and snowy mountain peaks, in order to become the ultimate Ubongo champion. A local multiplayer party mode, spiced with crazy boosters and power-ups, allows for tense puzzle matches among family and friends.

The game is available on the Nintendo eShop and as physical deluxe edition.


The aMAZEing Labyrinth

A commission work for Ravensburger, available on iOS and Android. The game is based on the popular board game The aMAZEing Labyrinth.

All of the rules – like shifting the labyrinth and collecting treasures and secrets – were transferred to the digital version, in order to provide a faithful experience to players. A fresh breath of air comes with the 3D environment, in which the game table is located. It is decorated like the room of a wizard’s tower and sets the right mood and atmosphere.

Next to the classic Labyrinth and Junior Labyrinth, several other editions with slightly different rules are included in the app to spice things up. The Ocean Labyrinth, Master Labyrinth and country editions all add a new layer to the gameplay and also come with their own handcrafted table decoration, music and visual appearance.



The Omini Tales

Prototype. 2D puzzle adventure for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. Further development was stopped.

Dive into the fantastical universe of the curious Omini people – mechanical figurines, created by an old Italian tinkerer. Follow the adventures of the Omini explorer Puk, through diversely themed worlds, such as Tuscan-style mountain villages, flooded jungles, and dark crystal mines.

The goal in every level is to solve a puzzle in order to bring Puk to the next screen. This is done by connecting wooden wheels with a string and thereby powering mechanisms like elevators, floodgates, or mine carts.

For this project, we are collaborating with the DU&I UG.

The prototype is financially supported by the FFF Bayern.


Mother Earth

Developed during our study at Mediadesign University Munich. 2D puzzle adventure for Android.

Mother Earth is as much a puzzle game as it is an interactive story. Help Earth grow and flourish, by aiding her evolution from an inanimate rock to a thriving, colorful planet.

Explore the caringly crafted game world and discover all of its interactive elements. Solve puzzles and let oceans, plants and animals emerge – but be warned; progress is a blessing and a curse at the same time…




Favorite Quote

"Greatness, from small beginnings."



Favorite Quote

"We do what we must, because we can."



Favorite Quote

"A farmer has no grain field!"



Favorite Quote

"They Strip Us Of Emotion. I'd Be Jumping For Joy Otherwise."



Favorite Quote

"Don't you dare go hollow!"



Favorite Quote

"You are a circle, and the enemies are triangles, just like life!"


If you are interested in joining the team, please send us your application. We are currently looking for…

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If you share our passion for developing puzzle games with a distinct visual appearance and intriguing narratives, you’re the one for Nementic!

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