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Interactive storytelling that challenges mind and emotions.

About Us

We are an experienced game studio based in Munich, Germany.

Founded in 2018, we combine more than 8 years of experience in the development of interactive media forms. During this time, we have worked on several award-winning projects and game-driven commissions.

Our focus is on unleashing the potential of interactive storytelling – be it in its purest form through a game, to promote a brand or product with an interactive application, or to communicate information to a customer, employee or specific target group.

In addition, we have developed a strong expertise in the design of puzzle-based games as well as digital adaptations of popular German board game IPs.



German Developer Award
2017 | 1st Place Newcomer
German Computer Games Award
2018 | 2nd Place Newcomer
Pedagogical Media Prize
German Developer Award
2021 | Nomination Best Mobile Game
Children's Software Award
2022 | Nomination Best App

Our Services


We work closely with you to find the perfect integration of interactive media for your specific use case.

The concept of interaction mechanics, storytelling, and the look and feel of the experience all come together in a design document that defines the framework of the application.


Based on the framework defined in the design document, we develop the interactive application you want.

This could be only in the form of a prototype or a full development cycle – with experience across mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch, we can take care of the whole process.


If you need additional resources for your project, we can offer you help in the following areas:

Design & Story: Game & level design, UX/UI, narrative design & writing

Tech Art & Code: VFX & shader, UI, gameplay

Clients & Partners

Nementic Games has repeatedly proven that they excell at delivering specific brand requirements. The team has an excellent feel for game design and visuals. They are always professional, communicative and flexible. We can recommend Nementic Games without hesitation.

Thorsten SuckowHead of Games, USM

We host an app for Android and iOS whose original development team was unable to maintain the project. Nementic Games was recommended to us and took over the maintenance of the app as well as several updates. The familiarisation with the existing code base and the addition of new content like graphics, code features, and APIs went very smoothly. We were delighted with the professional, goal-oriented work ethic of the team.

Johannes WagnerManaging Director Bavaria Versicherungsvermittlungs-GmbH; Head of Startup Cooperation

A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving

‘How many mortals does it take to populate Mars? Trick question, they are all dead before it will happen.’ – The Mighty Tobla

A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving is a narrative first-person puzzle adventure inspired by titles such as Portal and The Talos Principle. Players take on the role of a mortal who has been kidnapped by the puzzle deity Tobla. Their task: To test the latest collection of divine puzzle trials.

The game’s core mechanic is easy to understand, yet provides the depth for intriguing puzzle gameplay: select two objects in the game world and they swap positions. To keep the puzzles engaging throughout the game, several side mechanics are introduced, such as bombs with counters that decrease with each swap, or rolling objects that maintain their movement when swapped.

The prototype of the game was financially supported by the FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.


EXIT – The Trial of the Griffin

A comission for United Soft Media. EXIT: The Trial of the Griffin is a puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam, based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.

The second digital adaptation of the series invites players to the legendary Greifenstein castle, located deep in the German highlands known as the ‘Harz’. A mystery surrounding the countess, which had not been seen for years, awaits them.

Various special items can be used to contact the ghosts that haunt the stone halls of Greifenstein. The countess’ secrets must be uncovered by solving logical puzzles with a supernatural touch. Each of the castle’s distinct rooms offers a unique and dense atmosphere for players to immerse themselves in. Keeping in tradition with the board games, everything in and around the game can be part of the puzzles.


EXIT – The Curse of Ophir

A comission for United Soft Media. EXIT: The Curse of Ophir is a puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam, based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.

The app was created as a completely new single-player experience. Players take on the role of a hobby detective searching for the whereabouts of a famous writer. The trail leads to an old and mysterious gold rush hotel in the Wichita Mountains.

All items collected along the way can be inspected and manipulated as 3D objects in an inventory. The hotel itself features handcrafted 2D backgrounds for each room that players can explore. These rooms contain various puzzles, from solving classic number codes to more complex puzzles that will have players traveling through time or thinking beyond the game world itself.

The prototype of the game was financially supported by the FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.


Ravensburger Labyrinth

A commission for Ravensburger, available on iOS, Android, Steam, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The Ravensburger Labyrinth is based on the popular board game The aMAZEing Labyrinth. We have only developed the mobile version of the game.

All the rules – like moving the maze and collecting treasures and secrets – have been transferred to the digital version to give players a faithful experience. The 3D environment in which the game table is located is a breath of fresh air. It is decorated like the room of a wizard’s tower and creates the right mood and atmosphere.

In addition to the Classic Labyrinth and Junior Labyrinth, several other editions with slightly different rules are included in the app to spice things up. The Ocean Labyrinth, Master Labyrinth, and country editions all add a new layer of gameplay and come with their own handmade table decorations, music, and visuals.



A comission for United Soft Media. Ubongo! is a puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, based on the popular board game.

The original board game experience of placing different-sized tiles on a grid has been brought to the digital world. Players can test their puzzle-solving skills and collect gems in a campaign of over 250 levels while traversing four distinct areas such as savannah, river, jungle, and canyon.

In addition, local multiplayer has been added so that 4 players can compete against each other on a split screen. Special power-ups spice up the puzzle battles. Players can unleash a stampede to affect their opponent’s view of the board, send a tornado to wreak havoc on their tiles, or even clone their cursor to other split screens.

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